Stickers inspired by midsummer, or "juhannus" in Finnish :-) Midsummer is usually spent at a cottage with friends and family, enjoying good food and drinks. And sauna, of course. 
I noticed that there weren’t many stickers showing up when searching for #juhannus and #midsummer, so I saw this as an opportunity to gain visibility. During Midsummer, the stickers ended up getting a million views in four days.
These stickers can be found in GIPHY's search on Instagram stories and Snapchat by searching @emmajoutjarvi or #juhannus, #midsummer, #mökki.  
Find my GIPHY account over ✨here✨ 
a moving sticker of a green birch leaf with the caption juhannus on it
a moving sticker in light blue with the caption cottage
a green heart with the word sauna written in it

7 kukkaa means 7 flowers, which refers to a midsummer belief that if you pick seven different flowers from seven different fields and place them under your pillow, your future darling will show up in your sleep! 💐

Stickers in use
Juhannus — Midsummer
Mökki — Cottage
Sauna — Sauna
Kippis — Cheers
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