BA Project, 2020
iPad app concept, UX and UI design, illustration
Ada is an educational product that brings together digital and physical play. It is aimed at children aged seven and up. Inspired by the works of pedagogues Maria Montessori and Friedrich Fröbel, Ada allows its users to learn through working with physical  material and bringing it to life with augmented reality. Using iPads, users can interact with various objects and beings. Ada encourages learning and exploration in a fun and meaningful way.
Storyboard: typical user scenario
This storyboard helps understand the core idea of the product: users build an object, then use the app to unlock the augmented reality content, and learn about different topics!
User interface design
1. Build
2. Unlock
3. Learn
The physical material of Ada comes in themed kits. The Nature kit, for example, contains the forest, arctic, and jungle chapters. Overview of the chapter shows the user how much they have discovered and learned.
Ada's notebook function allows users to study their learnings.

Some of the illustrations made for the project. Here I wanted to present them as an educational poster that works well as a standalone piece of design outside the project.  

Exhibiting the project

My little nature corner in the graduation exhibition​​​​​​​

Examples of the physical materials​​​​​​​

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